When Uncle Steve talks, you always have a pen and pad handy. For as long as I can remember, we’ve been talking business. Whether he’s an East Coast or West Cost guy, he’s always been a quick 10 digits away. 

The definition of a self made man; he’s my idol. I’ve worked hard my whole life in the hopes of one day measuring up to him. 

Uncle Steven was President of Stride Rite Sneakers in the early ’80s and in his early 40’s he bought K Swiss sneakers. A name that at first went without recognition, but became a monster brand. And yes, I still roll in the classics!!

Up until 2013, I watched him kill it with K Swiss, but no matter how busy his life got he always had time for me. He coached me through many of life’s challenges, whether personal or professional. Uncle Steve has and will always be my rock. 

To name VIENNA after one of Long Island’s most popular was incredible, but to name the tavern after my own Long Island legend was my way of saying, “Thank You Uncle Steve.”