VIENNA of Roslyn…the new name on Long Island’s lips. VIENNA is the hottest invitation to experience a one of a kind night, featuring the best dining, drinking and entertainment in Nassau County. Sure, good food and wine are one thing, but what we have in store for you is much more than that.

How about a stylish and sophisticated lounge combined with an exclusive and private event space. A place whose sleek, swanky & sexy design rivals that of any NYC’s flavor-of-the-week restaurants and nightclubs. Somewhere that offers amazing food at a reasonable price & is built to last- because we understand great business is about more than just attitude and atmosphere; it’s about nurturing authentic connections with our guests.

A lounge, where you can get your groove on, and an event space that is customizable to a “T”. The lights are low and the liquor is always flowing. Whether it’s date night or a night that ended with a hot date on your right, Vienna of Roslyn is your portal to a space unlike any other on Long Island.

When you’re not party planning, VIENNA is also the perfect spot for dinner; from date night and family night to the “I’m hungry, let’s go somewhere really good’ type of night. We are proud to announce Chef Frank Falgiano is taking the reins behind the scenes in our kitchen; whipping up a world-class menu and a vintage wine list that will leave you speechless. Featuring small plates with massive flavors, a meal at VIENNA is not to be missed.

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